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The Most Popular Lessons and Tabs of 2017

Posted by Michael Mueller on January 3, 2018 at 2:48 PM

We think it's both fun and informative to look back at what lessons, guitar tabs, chords/lyrics sheets, and other items you viewed the most over the past year. Not surprisingly, classic rock ruled the roost, and we can hardly blame you -- these songs are "classics" for a reason.

One of the most interesting results here is that our "Sultans of Swing" song lesson not only was your favorite item at, it was #1 in a landslide!

If you've already worked through these, great! If not, be sure to check out what you've been missing!

Top 10 Most Viewed Items of 2017
1. "Sultans of Swing" Dire Straits G-Plus Song Lesson
2. "Hotel California" Eagles G-Plus Song Lesson
3. "Cross Road Blues (Crossroads)" Cream G-Plus Song Lesson
4. "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd Guitar Tab
5. "Stairway to Heaven" Led Zeppelin Guitar Tab
6. "Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd G-Plus Song Lesson
7. "Johnny B. Goode" Chuck Berry Guitar Tab
8. "Sweet Child O' Mine" Guns N' Roses G-Plus Song Lesson
9. "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd G-Plus Song Lesson
10. Speedy Blues Salvos Greg Koch Video Master Class

Top 10 Song Lessons
1. "Sultans of Swing" Dire Straits
2. "Hotel California" Eagles
3. "Cross Road Blues (Crossroads)" Cream
4. "Comfortably Numb" Pink Floyd
5. "Sweet Child O' Mine" Guns N' Roses
6. "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd
8. "Here Comes the Sun" The Beatles
9. "Pride and Joy" Stevie Ray Vaughan
10. "I'm Tore Down" Eric Clapton

Top 10 Guitar Tabs
1. "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd
2. "Stairway to Heaven" Led Zeppelin
3. "Johnny B. Goode" Chuck Berry
4. "Hotel California" Eagles
5. "Back in Black" AC/DC
6. "Blackbird" The Beatles
7. "Purple Rain" Prince
8. "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd
9. "Brown Eyed Girl" Van Morrison
10. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" The Beatles

Top 10 Video Lessons
1. Speedy Blues Salvos by Greg Koch
2. 10 Essential Blues Turnarounds by Andy Aledort
3. Connecting Pentatonic Positions by Tom Kolb
4. Beginning Blues Soloing 1 by Andy Aledort
5. Minor Pentatonic Scale by Troy Stetina
6. Alternate Picking Control, Part 1 by Troy Stetina
7. How to Use a Looper Pedal by Tom Kolb
8. Blues Guitar 1: Boogie Patterns by Dave Rubin
9. Chicago Blues Rhythm by Kirk Fletcher
10. Diminished Scale in Blues-Rock Soloing by Carl Culpepper

Top 10 G-Plus Audio Play-Alongs
1. "Highway to Hell" AC/DC
2. "Oh, Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison
3. "I Love Rock 'N Roll" Joan Jett
4. "Hallelujah" Jeff Buckley
5. "Summer of '69" Bryan Adams
6. "Run to You" Bryan Adams
7. "More Than a Feeling" Boston
8. "La Bamba" Ritchie Valens
9. "Flying in a Blue Dream" Joe Satriani
10. "Money" Pink Floyd

Top 10 Chords & Lyrics Sheets
1. "Free Fallin'" Tom Petty
2. "Hotel California" Eagles
3. "Tiny Dancer" Elton John
4. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" Peter, Paul & Mary
5. "Take It Easy" Eagles
6. "Shape of You" Ed Sheeran
7. "Wonderwall" Oasis
8. "Proud Mary" Creedence Clearwater Revival
9. "Heart of Gold" Neil Young
10. "Wicked Game" Chris Isaak

Ed Sheeran G-Plus Audio Play-Alongs

Posted by Michael Mueller on December 12, 2017 at 4:47 PM

Since his 2011 debut album, +, singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has become of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Armed with his signature Martin acoustic guitar, Sheeran has consistently topped the charts with his infectious pop grooves.

We've just added brand-new G-Plus Audio play-along songs for six of Sheeran's biggest hits, including "Thinking Out Loud," "Photograph," "Shape of You," "Galway Girl," "The A Team," and "Lego House." Each song features a full backing track, from which you can remove or isolate the guitar, add a click track, slow the tempo, or loop tough sections for more focused practice, plus auto-scrolling guitar tab. These are the ultimate play-along tools on the web!

Browse Ed Sheeran G-Plus Audio Songs

Browse all Ed Sheeran song lessons, guitar tab, and more

Ed Sheeran

Free Lesson: Major Pentatonic Sliding Country Lick by John Heussenstamm

Posted by Michael Mueller on December 1, 2017 at 5:19 PM

Instructor John Heussenstamm teaches a cool descending sliding country lick in G major pentatonic, taken from his lesson Southern Country Licks.


Free Lesson: Blues Reharmonization with John Pizzarelli

Posted by Michael Mueller on November 17, 2017 at 4:51 PM

In this free lesson excerpt, jazz guitar great John Pizzarelli shows you how to reharmonize bars 3-4 of a quick-change blues. For more on the topic, check out his complete Blues Reharmonization lesson.


Free Lesson: Learn a Rumba Blues Guitar Rhythm with Tim Lerch

Posted by Michael Mueller on November 10, 2017 at 3:52 PM

In this lesson, renowned blues guitarist Tim Lerch teaches a basic New Orleans-style blues rumba rhythm for guitar. This lesson is taken from his New Orleans Rumba Blues guitar video lesson.


Free Lesson: Wolf Marshall Teaches Chuck Berry-Style Double Stops

Posted by Michael Mueller on October 27, 2017 at 4:21 PM

In this Free Lesson Friday installment, instructor Wolf Marshall shows you how to use double stops in the style of the great Chuck Berry. For more, check out Wolf's complete Chuck Berry Style lesson.


Learn Led Zeppelin's "You Shook Me" in New G-Plus Song Lesson

Posted by Michael Mueller on October 26, 2017 at 1:44 PM

With their 1969 self-titled debut album, Led Zeppelin not only rewrote the book on hard rock music but also showed their heavy blues influence, including covers of Willie Dixon's "I Can't Quit You Baby" and "You Shook Me."

The latter, first made famous by the great Muddy Waters, is featured in our new G-Plus Song lesson. In it, instructor Doug Boduch walks you through how to get that huge fuzz tone, hit all the right slide notes, and covers those blistering blues runs that would become essential Jimmy Page repertoire.

"You Shook Me" Led Zeppelin G-Plus Song Lesson
Browse all our Led Zeppelin song lessons, guitar tabs, and more


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